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Artistic/Company Director and Head of Dance -Becci Whelan

Becci always knew she wanted to work in Dance professionally and has been doing so for almost 14 years teaching any soul who wants to move ability or experience irrelevant commitment essential.  No matter who she is teaching, She thrives on seeing her students grow and develop as they discover what they can achieve.

Becci holds multiple qualification in dance coaching and wellbeing and is grateful to be working as a rural dance artist. Working rurally is something she feels strongly about to provide premium training to rural communities so all young people have equal opportunities.
PostGrad Diploma from renowned Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London

2 Many Dance Moves was established by B. Whelan in 2008

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Dance Leader  Flexibility Coach and Childcare Professional-

Irina Karpenko

Irina Karpenko is a former student and an assisting dance teacher at 2 Many Dance Moves since 2012.

Irina has a strong belief that strength and flexibility has an important part in dance and general life. She absolutely loves working with children especially through dance, because of its learning and development benefits to all ages

Irinas trained at 2 Many Dance Moves since 2010 and holds qualifications in coaching and gymnastics training
 Irina has a BA (Honours) degree in Early Childhood Education and Care, and is currently studying her Masters, while working as a manager in a rural preschool. 

The Team: Testimonial


The Inturn internship Programme

This programme is an evolvement from 2 Many Dance Moves after school dance programme

The initiative was developed due to the COVID 19 Pandemic to best serve the dance students who cannot attend class.

The interns are members of the Senior Youth Dance Company @ 2 Many Dance Moves

These dancers are so extremely kind passionate and talented young people who are entusiactic to enforce positive social change in our community. 

The primary concept of the internship is to pay it forward by providing dance to the younger members of 2 Many Dance Moves during these challanging times.


All funds generated from this programme will be used to support The inturn Internship Programme 

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Nikola has been dancing for more than 13 years now. Her journey did not start with Contemporary dance, but she fell in love with it and joined the 2 Many Dance Move gang in 2018 after moving to Ireland from Latvia.

It feels like Nikola has been with us for much longer than she has.
Her hard work and passion for dance has the ability to mesmerise people when she moves.

She has gained amazing experience from conscientious teachers Becci and Irina. 

With their support, she has taken a bigger step into the World of Dance and she is delighted to be pursuing a career in Dance on the bachelor's degree course in Contemporary dance, University Limerick. 

Nikola Evora Zonenberga


Jesse has been a member of 2 Many Dance Moves since 2008

 He became serious about dance the second he stepped into the studio and since then he has shown the dedication a dancer needs to get the results he wanted to achieve.


Jesse loves to perform and featured in music video by Irish band Elm-Paris (offical video)

Jesse is an inspiration to all the students in 2 Many Dance Moves especially the other male dancers who look up to him.

His talents naturally radiate from him 

Jesse is sure to have a career in dance if he choses to follow that path

Jesse Mc Grath


Keeva has been dancing all her life and although is originally a street dancer, she enjoys finding ways to fuse her hip hop background into her contemporary dance practice.


She was worked with various other dance camps and schools and thanks to Becci and Irina's classes she gained a love for contemporary dance which she now studies at University Limerick on the Bachelor's Degree Course in Contemporary Dance. 

Keeva O Neill

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